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DATE: 2006/10/02(月)   CATEGORY: Web Projects
Measuring Your Site's Content Pages
Suppose you want to find the information from internet, you will try typing some keywords through search engine, right? However, there are so many search results come out. Which site contains the information that is most suitable to you?

I think most of you may try to click the links one by one. Of course, it is certainly natural. And I think most of you will spend only a few seconds to look through those sites. Once you enter a site, your mind will almost immediately determine whether the content is the information you want to obtain or not.

Since audiences will only pay attention to your site for a few seconds, you should ensure that your content pages are understandable to users and you should also make sure you have designed content pages that communicate the essential information effectively.

So, how can we know our site is understandable to users or not?

Simple! By using a very simple usability testing technique, we can quickly measure how a content page performs with users. We call it the 5-Second Test. This test involves showing users a single content page for a quick 5 seconds to gather their initial impressions.

Here is an article giving the example of using 5-Second Test:

Red Cross (DEMO)

From the article, the author tried to test the RedCross.org website with some users by using the 5-second test. They just gave only 5 seconds to their users and told them to remember everything they saw in that short period. After that, they asked users to write down everything they remember about the page.

"What is the most important information on this page?"

By asking the above question, we can easily know the user's initial impressions. If the page is understandable, users will easily recall the critical content and accurately identify the page's main purpose.

Since 5-second test is quick and easy to implement, we can test very early in the development cycle and we can gather large amounts of user data in a short time.

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