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DATE: 2006/09/09(土)   CATEGORY: Web Projects
Getting Start with Web Projects

Before we start the topic on creating a web project, we should firstly know why we need to build the website and what we want to show in the website. In other word, we need to analyzing our industry and understanding our audience. We called this stage or process Discover.

As we know that different audiences have different needs when they are searching for a website, we cannot build a website without any goal. Then, how can we meet the audiences' needs?

It is very hard for a website to meet all audiences' needs. That's why we need to fully understand the objective of our website. This is a process in a web projects called Define.

We only need to focus the audiences that interest our website topic. Therefore, it's better to provides only the information related to our website objective. For example, if you are building a journey website and you also add some contents related to pop singer. It is too confused. You are not recommended to do so unless your website is mixture site without major topic. Otherwise, you should better separate it into different sites or domains.  Remember, identify our audiences and understand their needs is important.

The brief above is just the Discover and Define process for us to learn all we can about a projects before we start. Besides the discover process, we will also cover the other processes in the coming newsletters. They are Structure, Design and Prototype, Build and Test, Launch, Evaluate and Maintain.

Reference: http://www.adobe.com/resources/techniques/discover/

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